Benefits and Reasons

As you know now, reading has a positive impact on your life. Check the 12 benefits and reasons why you should read.

1. Reading is Brain Food

Joseph Addison said nearly 300 years ago that reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body. We have science and technology today that backs up this claim. With advancements in biotechnology, the brain activity increases creating new connectivity cells in the brain when a person reads a novel. Reading ultimately makes you smarter!

2. Reading Invites You to Solve Problems and Gives You New Ideas

You must have noticed that while you are reading a mystery novel, you are able to predict the turn of events and conclude the story well before it ends. That is what happens when you read! Living in the shoes of the character your analytical thinking is stimulated and you are able to predict the behaviour of the characters.

3. Reading Helps You Write Well Too

The brain works like a sponge when you read a book. Any book that held your attention is bound to stay in your mind for a long time. The brain picks and absorbs good vocabulary and good writing techniques. Any new word will automatically help you deduce the meaning and fit it in a perfect way to a sentence. Your spelling too will be accurate.

4. You Will Experience an Improvement in Your Conversational Skills

Reading will help you in clarifying what you want to say using new words with confidence. The increased vocabulary, and the knowledge that you get from reading is guaranteed to improve your conversational skills. Try talking to little kids who read a lot, they will use fancy words with such confidence it will leave a smile on your face!

5. Reading Strengthens Worldview and Convictions

No matter on which side you are, reading will broaden your views. If you read a book with concurring worldview, it will support your opinions. And when you read a book with the opposing worldviews, it will broaden your perspectives. It is also likely that you will be forced to examine your previous beliefs in order to search for the truth.

6. Reading helps in Improving Consistency and Self-Discipline

With the onset of so much website content, our brains have forgotten to concentrate and focus. When we see a blog or a webpage, we tend to skim through it – which is exactly why it was created. Reading a book needs concentration. You need to follow the plot and understand the characters properly and finish the book until it ends. Your brain forms deep connections is forced to focus on the story.

7. Reading Increases Your Knowledge of History

When you read history in the form of a story, you will be able to remember the customs, cultures, events, important people and the turnouts of each event. As opposed to reading facts, figures and dates from a history book. Students usually dislike history because it has so many dates to remember. Turn it all into a story, and they will not only remember, they will enjoy!

8. Reading Improves Knowledge of Different Cultures

When you read books set in different parts of the world, you understand their customs and beliefs without having to visit that place yourself. You can literally explore the world with books. Stories of cannibals, hammock beds, burqas and Uganda’s red dirt is not far away if you know which book to read.

9. Reading is a Challenge for your Imagination

William Styron says “A great books should leave you with many experiences, and slightly exhausted at the end. You live several lives while reading.” This couldn’t be truer! When you read a good novel, you put yourself in the character’s body. Your brain visualizes everything about the character from just words. Imagine small details that take over your brain and you can feel those emotions like sadness, trill, being scared, being in love, being happy and even scared.

10. Reading Improves your Skills in the Ares of your Interest

If you belong to a particular field, read about that. It will help you understand new and old ways of doing things. You can come up with a creative new ways to understand how to get things done. The best part about improving your skills with reading is that you get to learn from the mistakes of others. You are only adding to your own knowledge which helps in overall improvement. 

11. Reading to Inspire Yourself

This comes down to reading self-help books. Starting with 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens by Sean Covey at an early age can lead to creating a positive bubble around you. If you are no more a teenager, look for other books by the same author! Create a habit of reading a self-help book every day to keep yourself positive, energized and inspired.

12. Reading Keeps the Stress Away

The best stress-buster is reading! After a long hard day, the best way to unwind is by getting lost in a good story. It helps relax your heart, muscles and brain. Reading for 15 minutes before going to bed results in better and more peaceful sleep. Reading is really a mini vacation for the brain.

Reading overall improves your social life, physical self, spiritual being and your academic goals. If you are in the mood for setting new goals for the new decade, pick up a note pad and create a list of books that you want to read. is here to help! Follow these tips to get yourself started:

  • Create a Goodreads account and pick the first 12 books that you would to read. Take the “Reading Challenge” and make those 12 books you goal for the year.
  • Look for a reading buddy. He/she will help you staying on track and you both can discuss and analyse your latest read.
  • Start by picking up a certain time during the day to day for a certain amount of time each day. This fixed time should not budge. Keep adding more minutes to your reading time.
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